We support, advance, & connect women & promote diversity within the architecture, engineering, construction & related industries.

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We are a community of professionals in the AEC industry that provides an opportunity for connection and engagement that leads to business opportunities. We invite women, men and all levels of professionals to join the community.

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“I joined PWC to network with others in the same industry. PWC has impacted myself and career by engaging with others who face similar day to day tasks. I have met so many people through PWC networking events that have led to friendships and contacts for future connections.”

Christina Hall, Hall Construction | NJ Chapter
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Jill Nappi

Director of Business Development, Rizco

For over two years, Jill Nappi has been a proactive member of PWCNJ, serving as Co-Chair of the membership committee. As Co-Chair, Jill manages the membership database, networks with potential members, and acts as an ambassador for PWCNJ at various events. Jill’s primary aim is to make all association members feel welcome, a duty she cherishes. She regularly introduces members to members and advocates for business growth and is no stranger to making business connections. Jill’s full-time, professional role is the Director of Business Development for Rizco, a brand-led marketing agency based in New Jersey that recently underwent a transformative rebrand. She plays a similar role at Rizco, where she leads the charge in connecting business leaders with the company's marketing expertise. Jill has always enjoyed the sense of community that PWCNJ offers and promotes that quality when connecting with potential members. Throughout her time as Co-Chair, she has helped multiple members find the community and advance their business connections. Jill’s work as Co-Chair has contributed to the organization’s growth and advancement in recent years, helping the community reach more women and men in the industry. She hopes to continue this work for years to come.

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PWC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1980. Contributions are tax deductible.

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